Cycling Accidents

The roads of Britain can be an extremely dangerous place for both vehicle drivers and cyclists. With hundreds of thousands of drivers taking to the road every single day, the risks to cyclists are continually growing.

Around 1,000 cyclists are injured on Britain’s roads each week as a result of an accident. With such a high volume of accidents occurring, there’s no wonder that cycling accident claims are also on the rise, too.

Luckily, we have a team of experienced personal injury solicitors and legal representatives here at Equitas Solicitors to help you with any cycling accident claims that you may have – whether it’s due to a road accident, competitive cycling or simply an incident which has resulted in you being injured which could have been avoided and wasn’t your fault.

Determining Your Cycling Claim

For many cyclists who have sustained an injury on the road, the accident wasn’t their fault. We know how distressing and frustrating it can be to be unable to take part in an activity that you love, and for many cyclists, using their bike is their only method of transport. This often means that those injured in a cycling related accident are often at a disadvantage if their injuries stop them being able to get back on their bike. At Equitas Solicitors, we endeavour to get every single one of our clients back up and on their bike again in no time, and help them gain the compensation that they deserve.
With over 30 years of experience in personal injury law, Equitas Solicitors are experts in dealing with all forms of cycling accident claims; from whiplash to more serious injuries such as broken bones, we will assess your claim thoroughly and give you a professional opinion as to how successful your claim could be.
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